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Find the Best Replacement Windows in Baltimore, MD

New windows can keep your home energy efficient, reduce noise, increase security and improve your home’s appearance. The Baltimore Sun has partnered with ConsumerAffairs to create this guide by comparing customer reviews, product selection and local availability of 55 businesses and choosing 10 favorites from the top window replacement companies in Baltimore.

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Types of windows in Baltimore

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The first thing you need to decide when choosing a window replacement company in Baltimore is what style of windows you want. There are many options, and it is important to do your research to determine which size, shape and type of window works best for your home.

  • Single-hung windows come standard in most new homes and apartments. In a single-hung window, the top hash is secured and the bottom sash moves vertically. Single-hung windows cost $150 to $350 on average.
  • Double-hung windows allow you to move both the bottom and top sashes, making the window easier to clean and improving ventilation. Because of the additional moving parts, double-hung windows are slightly more expensive. Double-hung windows cost $150 to $500 on average.
  • Picture windows are great for rooms where you want to maximize your views and natural light. These windows do not open and serve as a frame for whatever is visible outside. Picture windows cost $300 to $1,200 on average.
  • Casement windows are a popular choice for spaces that are tall and narrow. These windows attach to the side of the window frame and swing outward via a crank or handle. They are also more energy-efficient than traditional sliding windows. Casement windows cost $200 to $900 on average.
  • Horizontal sliding windows glide across a horizontal track and are great for spaces that need increased ventilation. They are easy to open and clean and are best suited for wide spaces. Sliding windows cost $200 to $800 on average.
  • Hopper windows open inward and are popular for bathrooms and basements. Additionally, they are great for rooms that need windows for ventilation but not necessarily increased natural light or views of the outside. They usually open via a crank or lever. Hopper windows cost $200 to $800 on average.
  • Bay windows involve three or more windows coming together, so they are one of the most complex window configurations. There is usually a fixed central window and two side windows that expand the view of the outside and can open for cleaning or ventilation. Bay windows cost $1,000 or more.
  • Specialty windows provide an option for Baltimore residents who need to replace their existing windows with something that functions differently than a standard window. This could mean the window is a unique size or shape, opens a specific way, or is located in an obscure or hard to reach place. Most Baltimore window replacement companies have experience with these kinds of windows. Custom windows cost $1,000 or more.

Beyond the aesthetic style of a window, look for windows that are energy efficient and strong enough to withstand storms.

How much are window replacements in Baltimore?

In Baltimore, the average labor cost to replace a traditional window is $500 to $700. However, the total cost you pay for window replacement depends on the type of window, its location, its size and how many windows you’re replacing at once. Double- and single-hung windows, for example, are much less expensive than custom or picture windows.

Here are some other factors to consider when comparing costs:

  • E-coatings help improve the energy efficiency of windows, but these special coatings add 10% - 15% to the total price.
  • Windows built for energy efficiency are the most expensive upfront, but they can save you 7% - 15% on your energy bills every month.
  • Expect to pay $50 - $100 an hour for the labor required to replace windows.
  • Older homes (like those in the Mount Vernon Cultural District) come with unique challenges to replace windows, so expect higher prices for homes over 70 years old.
  • Costs also go up if the contractor needs to alter an existing frame or if your new window needs extensive glazing services.

Many Baltimore companies offer financing plans, discounts and promotional offers to help you pay for window replacements. Ask your chosen replacement window company for more information.

Baltimore window replacement FAQ

How do I get a grant for new windows in Baltimore?

The Department of Housing and Community Development offers grants to low-income Baltimore homeowners for home maintenance, repairs and energy-efficiency upgrades. Fill out an application to see if you qualify.

Do replacement windows come with sills?

Not usually. Installing a new window involves replacing the glass and moving parts, but replacing the sill is a job typically best left to a general contractor or carpenter.

Are permits required in Baltimore to replace my windows?

Yes, Baltimore City requires residents to obtain a permit for window replacement. Fees for permits in Baltimore City start at $25. Other counties, like Harford, Carroll and Anne Arundel, do not require permits for window replacement.

How long does window replacement take in Baltimore?

It depends on the size and scale of the project. A simple, single-hung window replacement could take one to two hours, and most professional companies with service teams can replace 10 - 12 windows in a single day. However, windows can take four to six weeks to arrive after you order them.

Is it worth it to replace windows?

In most cases, it's worth it to replace older, antiquated windows. New windows drastically change the look of your house, help reduce noise and often make you feel safer. They can also make your home more energy-efficient and increase its value. Many Baltimore window replacement companies offer financing to make window replacement services more affordable.

Baltimore replacement window company information

Renewal by Andersen

Renewal by Andersen manufactures and installs single-hung, double-hung, casement, picture, bay, sliding, specialty and awning windows. This company installs replacement windows and doors in all types of homes, condos and commercial businesses. All its windows are Energy-Star certified, and its exclusive Fibrex composite material helps ensure these windows last a long time. Renewal by Andersen services the Baltimore area from its location at 8265 Patuxent Range Road, Jessup, MD 20794.

Renewal by Andersen Learn More (888) 570-8481

Andersen Windows

Andersen Windows is a window manufacturer and the parent company for several other window providers, such as Renewal by Andersen and Heritage Window and Doors. Andersen Windows provides a variety of designs in casement, double-hung, single-hung, awning and bay styles. It has also earned awards for its high-quality windows and exceptional installation services. Andersen Windows provides free quotes for Baltimore customers.

Andersen Windows Learn More (877) 631-2430

Window Nation

Window Nation offers almost every type of window in a variety of materials, including wood and vinyl. Windows come with a no-worry Lifetime Plus warranty, an exclusive 30-day price protection guarantee, a 50-point factory inspection checklist and a 20-point installation review. Visit Window Nation’s local showroom at 1743 Dorsey Road., Ste. 100, Hanover, MD 21076.

Window Nation

Pella Windows & Doors of Baltimore

Pella Windows & Doors offers replacement window frames and a variety of window styles, such as double- and single-hung, sliding, casement, awning and bay windows. The company offers energy-efficient options, too. The team is available for installations and in-person or virtual consultations. Visit Pella Windows & Doors’ showroom at 2066 York Road, Ste. A, Lutherville-Timonium, MD 21093.

Pella Windows & Doors of Baltimore

Hodges Window and Glass

Hodges Window and Glass specializes in residential and commercial window installations and replacements. You can purchase window parts directly on its website, and the company can repair your double-pane window in its shop on the same day. It also has a large inventory of window parts in stock so you can get what you need quickly. Hodges Window and Glass is located at 850 Middle River Road, Middle River, MD 21220.

Hodges Window and Glass

Kelemer Brothers

Kelemer Brothers sells double-hung, awning, bay and sliding windows, among other styles. It promises no hidden costs and a stress-free window replacement experience. It also backs all its windows with a lifetime warranty. Along with Baltimore, Kelemer Brothers serves Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties and all surrounding communities in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Kelemer Brothers

Glass and Screen Hospital

Glass and Screen Hospital specializes in fixing cracked and fogged glass without replacing the entire window. Its contractors custom cut the glass and install it, so your window looks brand new. This company carries name-brand window products and parts, and all its installers are bonded and insured. It promises to beat any competitor's price by 10%. Glass and Screen Hospital is located at 836 Middle River Road, Middle River, MD 21220.

Glass and Screen Hospital

Liberty Windows & Siding

Liberty Windows & Siding specializes in both residential and commercial window installations. The company works with top brands like Anderson and Alside, and it can replace double-hung, single-hung, picture, sliding, bay, casement, awning and skylight windows. It also offers free estimates, comprehensive warranties, military and senior discounts, and financing options. Liberty Windows & Siding is located at 9520 Berger Road, Ste. 102, Columbia, MD 21046.

Liberty Windows & Siding

WeatherMaster Windows

WeatherMaster Custom Windows offers high-quality, energy-efficient windows at prices that it claims only builders and contractors can usually get. Window prices start at $238, including installation. The company’s windows are made of reinforced frames that it claims last a lifetime, and its custom windows give you the option to add professional installation or do the installation yourself. Visit WeatherMaster Windows’ showroom at 2115 Eastern Ave., Baltimore, MD 21231.

WeatherMaster Windows

ClearView Window and Door Company

The ClearView Window and Door Company offers single- and double-hung windows, along with casement, sliding, awning, hopper, and bay models. This company works with you to choose the best window and frame options for your home or business. Schedule a free in-home estimate on its website. Visit ClearView Window and Door Company’s showroom at 3316 Putty Hill Ave., Baltimore, MD 21234.

ClearView Window and Door Company