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Find the Best Home Warranty Companies in Baltimore, MD

Home warranties can help Baltimore residents save money on repairing and replacing expensive home systems and appliances. The Baltimore Sun has partnered with ConsumerAffairs to create this guide by comparing the local availability and number of positive reviews of 15 businesses and choosing seven favorites from the top home warranty companies in Baltimore.

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Home warranty coverage in Baltimore

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Many Baltimore homeowners don’t have enough saved to cover the cost of a major home system or appliance malfunction, so paying a monthly warranty premium is an easy way to afford inevitable breakdowns. Baltimore homeowners can get a home warranty regardless of their home’s age or how long they have lived there.

If you're buying a new home in an up and coming area like Mount Vernon, a home warranty makes it so that repair and replacement are affordable if something goes wrong with a system or appliance in your new home. Most major home appliances come with a manufacturer’s warranty, but many Baltimore homeowners extend this protection by investing in home warranties.

For Baltimore residents living in historic homes in areas like Fells Point or Bolton Hill, a home warranty helps cover the cost of the expensive repairs that are inevitable with older homes.

What’s the difference between a home warranty and home insurance?

It's important to understand the difference between home warranties and home insurance.

  • Homeowners insurance covers your home, your belongings and your legal liability in case of a break-in or accident.
  • Home warranties cover the cost of repairing or replacing your home's major systems and appliances when they break down.

How to get a home warranty in Baltimore

There are a lot of details to consider when choosing a home warranty in Baltimore. The right plan for you depends on the types of systems and appliances in your home, their conditions, and your budget.

That means the amount you pay each month is just one thing to consider when choosing. Other factors in your decision should include:

  • Service fees: Most companies require a service fee every time a technician repairs or replaces covered items. Typically, the lower your service fee, the higher your monthly payments.
  • Consumer ratings and reviews: Just like with any major home purchase, it's important to do your research. Read online reviews and ask friends and family for referrals.
  • Service recall period length: The service recall period length is the length of time that a company guarantees a repair. The average recall period is 30 to 90 days.
  • Claim submission process: Look for a home warranty plan that makes it easy to file, track and modify your claims. Most major home warranty companies provide mobile apps and an easy online claim process.
  • Limitations in the contract: With any warranty plan, it's important to understand what is covered and what is not. Ask a home warranty representative about the limitations and what additional coverage you can add to your plan.

Baltimore home warranty costs

The average cost for a one-year home warranty in Baltimore averages between $300 and $600. However, this cost depends largely on the amount of coverage you need.

Service call fees in Baltimore range from $50 to $175 on average, depending on the plan’s details and coverage options. Usually, the lower the service fee, the higher the deductible. Some companies allow customers to choose their service call fee, while others have a set rate.

We asked for quotes from American Home Shield, Select Home Warranty and America's 1st Choice to see how much they charge for a plan that covers systems and appliances in Baltimore at the time of publishing. Your exact quote might vary.

Example home warranty costs in Baltimore:

  • American Home Shield: The Combo Plan costs $49.99 a month, and its service fee is $100. This plan covers 11 main systems of the home (including air conditioning and plumbing) and 10 major appliances (including refrigerators, dishwashers and clothes dryers).
  • Select Home Warranty: This company’s Platinum Care Plan costs $47 a month with service fees starting at $60. The plan covers 17 major home systems and appliances and has free roof coverage.
  • America's 1st Choice: The Platinum Care Plan costs $43.83 a month, and service fees range from $75 to $125. The plan covers major systems and appliances.

Baltimore home warranty FAQ

What is a home warranty?

A home warranty is a service plan that covers home appliances and systems. If these systems malfunction while under coverage, the warranty provider pays for the costs of repairing or replacing them, with the homeowner only owing a small service fee.

Do I need a home warranty in Baltimore?

Although home warranties are not legally required in Baltimore, you might want a home warranty if you do not have the extra funds to cover an expensive home repair out of pocket. By making small monthly payments, you can avoid this risk and let your warranty provider take responsibility for keeping your home systems and appliances in working condition.

How does a home warranty work?

Homeowners purchase home warranties that cover either appliances, home systems or a combination of both. If a covered appliance or system malfunctions, the home warranty company helps cover the cost of repairing it or replacing it.

What does a home warranty cover?

Every home warranty plan is different, but most plans cover the appliances and systems in your home, including refrigerators, clothes dryers, AC units, water heaters and dishwashers.

Are home warranties worth it for Baltimore residents?

Home warranties are worth it for many Baltimore residents. People living in older homes in areas like Union Square and Bolton Hill benefit from home warranties when their appliances or systems break down. Conversely, homeowners strapped for cash benefit from paying a low monthly premium to avoid having to pay for expensive repairs out of pocket.

Baltimore home warranty company information

American Home Shield

American Home Shield has offered home warranties for over 45 years. The company has a systems-only plan, an appliance-only plan and a plan that covers both. Its combo plan covers 21 of a home's most-used appliances and systems, and the company offers extra coverage for pools, spas, well pumps, septic pumps and guest units. American Home Shield lets customers choose their service fee of $75, $100 or $125.

American Home Shield Learn More

Select Home Warranty

Select Home Warranty offers warranties for buyers, sellers and real estate professionals. Customers can report claims online, and Select Home Warranty assigns a local Baltimore professional for repairs. Customers pay a minimal service fee for repairs and replacements. The Platinum Plan covers 17 home systems and appliances and includes free roof coverage. Plans are 12 months long, but the company offers multiyear discounts.

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America's 1st Choice Home Club

America's 1st Choice Home Club lets customers choose their technicians, and its customizable plans include free credit monitoring and family emergency services. The company offers a guarantee for the lifetime of your plan, and you can make service requests online or by phone 24 hours a day. Additional coverage is available for pools, spas, septic systems and tankless water heaters.

America's 1st Choice Home Club Learn More

Cinch Home Services

Cinch Home Services has home warranties with 180-day workmanship guarantee and protection for unknown preexisting conditions. Customers can manage their policies online and choose from monthly or annual payment options. Cinch Home Services offers discounts and savings for brand name appliances, and it won’t deny coverage because of rust.

Cinch Home Services Learn More

HMS Home Warranty

HMS Home Warranty covers appliances and systems regardless of their age, as long as they were installed correctly. It covers rental property, along with condos, townhomes and mobile homes, too. Plans have varying deductibles, and the company has an extensive list of qualified contractors to choose from for repairs. There’s no limit to the number of claims you can file, but there is an individual cap listed in the contract.

HMS Home Warranty


HomeServe’s plans help cover the cost of common emergency home repairs for your electrical, gas, heating and plumbing systems. This company only works with local, licensed and insured technicians, and it guarantees their repairs for up to one year. HomeServe has a 24-hour repair hotline.


2-10 Home Buyers Warranty

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty offers home warranty plans for homeowners, real estate professionals and builders, starting as low as $37 a month. The company’s three plan options are HVAC + Water Heater, Major Appliances and Everything Together. Customers can choose the service fee they want to pay. 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty provides a $100 reimbursement when homeowners replace a broken appliance with a brand new one.

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty